Second Language Evaluation SLE Practice Tests
English Version

Course overview
This online course has Second Language Evaluation (SLE) (ENGLISH) contents including:
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Oral Proficiency 
  • Written Expression - Tutorials and examples
  • Speaking - Tutorials and Examples

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DISCLAIMER: This is an online PRACTICE Course online and does NOT lead to any official certification.

We strongly recommend that students check with exam providers for up-to-date information regarding test content.

Complete Test Preparation Inc. is not affiliated with the makers of the SLE or the Canadian Public Service, who are not involved in the production of, and do not endorse this publication.

The questions below are not the same as you will find on the SLE - that would be too easy! And nobody knows what the questions will be and they change all the time. Mostly the changes consist of substituting new questions for old, but the changes can be new question formats or styles, changes to the number of questions in each section, changes to the time limits for each section and combining sections. Below are general reading questions that cover the same areas as the SLE.  So, while the format and exact wording of the questions may differ slightly, and change from year to year, if you can answer the questions below, you will have no problem with the reading section of the SLE.
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