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Canada Revenue Agency Situational Judgement Test - Recruitment Version (SJT-R) and Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Situational Judgement Test - Management Version (SJT-M) 
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Common Situational Judgement Mistakes  

Not reading the question carefully: Situational judgement questions are often complicated with multiple scenarios. As with any multiple choice question – read the question and all the choices  carefully before selecting your answer.
Not considering the context: The context of the situation often determines the best answer.  In a different context, the correct answer will be different. Take into account all details of the scenario, the people involved, the setting, and the goals of the organization.
Not considering the ethical implications: Many situational judgement questions have ethical considerations. In choosing your answer, consider not only the legal and professional implications, but also the moral and ethical implications of your actions.
Choosing the most drastic option: Some questions may present extreme options as choices, but in a real-life situation, the drastic option is almost never the best.  Extreme actions presented as solutions are designed to distract and are rarely the best course of action.  Usually, but not always they can be eliminated right away.
Not considering the long-term consequences: Some decisions have short-term benefits but long-term consequences. Consider the potential consequences of your actions before making a decision.
Not thinking critically: Consider multiple perspectives and options when answering.  This is a critical skill that situational judgement questions are designed to test.
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