Canadian Border Services Officer (OTEE)

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Number Series
Logic Puzzles

English Grammar
Reading Comprehension
Word order puzzles

Analytical Thinking
Urgent / Non Urgent Scenario 

Client Service 
Scenario Based Situations

Word Knowledge

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I like how this website and the tests can help you get your test scores up
Kimber Glover
Very helpful as a dry run and getting used to the format of the actual test. quite challenging and good explanations. recommended as extra practice.

I recommend it!! It helped me with the test tremendously!
The practice tests were just like the real Test and I felt like it prepared me well to take the test. Probably wouldn't have done as well as I did without it.
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Learning Outcomes:
What you will learn!

  • Mastery of Test Content: You will have a thorough understanding of the test content. This includes knowledge of Reasoning
    Writing, Analytical thinking, and Reading Comprehension. Mastery of test content is critical to achieving a high score on the
  • Improved Test-Taking Strategies: You will learn test-taking strategies that will help them to maximize their score on the OTEE. Strategies may include time management techniques, multiple choice strategies, elimination methods, and educated guessing.
  • Increased Confidence: Mastering the content and learning effective test-taking strategies, you will feel more confident when taking the CBSA. Increased confidence will reduce test anxiety and improve your score.
  • Enhanced Critical Thinking Skills: You will develop critical thinking skills, such as problem-solving, decision-making, and analysis. These skills are essential for success in the Canadian Border Services Agency.
  • Strong Study Habits: You will learn how to study effectively, manage their time, and set goals. These skills are valuable not only for passing the CBSA OTEE Test but also for success in future academic and professional pursuits.

Master the Canadian Border Services (OTEE) Entrance Test

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  • Expert Tutorials: Benefit from expert tutorials that get you up to speed fast!   We guide you through every concept step-by-step, ensuring you thorough understand all key topics.
  • Answer Keys: Comprehensive answer keys with explanations to facilitate learning from mistakes and improving performance.
  • Progress Tracking: Tools to monitor your progress and identify areas for further improvement.

Sections Included:

  • Reasoning Skills

Compare Lists of Alpha-Numeric Codes: Enhance your detail orientation and pattern recognition by practicing with intricate alpha-numeric codes. These exercises will help you swiftly identify similarities and differences, sharpening your analytical eye.

Number Series Puzzles:

Challenging number series puzzles to boost your numerical reasoning. These puzzles are crafted to improve your ability to detect patterns, sequences, and mathematical relationships.

Analytical Thinking:

Task Categorization with Realistic Scenarios: Master the art of task management using the Urgent/Important Matrix through practical, real-life scenarios.

Learn to categorize tasks into four crucial quadrants:

  • Urgent/Important: Tasks that demand immediate attention and are vital for achieving key goals.
  • Urgent/Not Important: Tasks requiring quick action but with less impact on long-term objectives.
  • Not Urgent/Important: Essential tasks that allow for strategic planning and are key to long-term success.
  • Not Urgent/Not Important: Tasks that are neither pressing nor crucial, helping you minimize time-wasting activities.

Client Service Questions:

Decision-Making with Realistic Scenarios: Develop your decision-making skills with realistic client service scenarios. Practice making on-the-spot decisions that reflect real-world challenges and enhance your ability to provide exceptional client service.

Writing Skills:

Solve Scrambled Sentence Questions: Improve your writing skills by solving scrambled sentence questions. These exercises will help you quickly and confidently reconstruct sentences, enhancing your grammar, syntax, and overall writing proficiency.

Also included - Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary!!

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